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Scandi Lounger

Scandi Lounger


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29.5" L x 60.5" D x 28" H


Walnut Finish & Grey Jute Fabric


Sheesham Wood & Jute Fabric

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5-7 Weeks

The Scandi Lounger is a stylish and comfortable piece of furniture that is designed for relaxation and comfort. It typically features a sleek and modern design, characterized by clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, which are hallmarks of Scandinavian design.

The lounger usually has a low profile with a reclined backrest that allows the user to sink into it and unwind. It is often crafted with high-quality materials such as natural woods, leather, or soft fabrics that add to the luxurious and sophisticated feel of the piece.

The Scandi Lounger is perfect for a variety of settings, from a cozy living room or den to a sleek and contemporary office or hotel lobby. It is versatile enough to blend in with a wide range of decor styles, from classic to modern, making it a popular choice for interior designers and homeowners alike.

Overall, the Scandi Lounger is a stylish and comfortable addition to any space that prioritizes comfort and design.

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